What is a Crepe Maker?

Before we get into defining this catering equipment, we first need to understand the definition of a crepe. A crepe is a type of pancake that is often thinner than the regular one. Crepes are available in two types. The two types of crepes are sweet and savory. Crepes are usually served with different kinds of fillings.
A crepe maker is, therefore, a type of pan that is designed specifically to make crepes. Crepes are extremely thin, hence cannot be made effectively using a regular pan. Other utensils will not help you to get the desired shape of a crepe.

Features of the Best Crepe Maker

Choosing the best crepe maker is not an easy task. The reason why this is the case is that there are several models of crepe makers in the industry. Here are some features of crepe makers:

· It is fitted with a thick cast-iron plate The best crepe maker should be fitted with a thick cast iron plate because the material is the best thermal inertia. The material, therefore, helps to evenly distribute the heat on the pan so that the thin crepes are not burnt in the process of cooking. For the crepe maker to perform this function effectively, the cast iron should be thick enough. Such a product can also be used to make foods like chapatti that demand even heat distribution.

· Its iron-plate is enameled In addition to being fitted with a thick cast iron plate, the crepe maker should also be enameled. The enamel coating helps with the task of seasoning.

· It has high power The high power helps to enable better performance. The feature allows for better temperature rise. The thickness of the plate is not enough to foster a better temperature rise. This feature helps to allow intensive use of the product for even an entire day. It will also help to make sure that you can make the perfect crepe maker. Not all crepe makers in the market can are designed with elements of even distribution of power; some come with temperature controls. The controls allow the product to heat up when needed and cool down on its own when cooking is complete.

What is the Best Crepe Maker?

Here are some things you can check to see whether or not you are getting the best crepe maker:

It is fitted out with a professional spread technology The professional spread technology refers to the ability of the pan to cook evenly without losing heat on any part of the pan. This technology helps to make it so that the temperature in the middle of the plate is the same as the one on its edge. Make sure to get a product with a heating power that is at least 3Kw for the best cooking efficiency.

Precise temperature regulation The best commercial crepe maker has a temperature regulation feature. This means that it comes with a thermostat. The thermostat helps to ensure that the temperature does not rise to levels that would tamper with the quality of your product. The temperature regulation, therefore, helps to make perfect products like crepes and chapatis, among others.

What is the Best Gas Crepe Machine?

The best gas crepe features the following elements:

Optimal spread technology

An optimal heat technology helps to ensure that the heat is evenly spread throughout the cooking plate. Most crepe maker machines with this feature have a burner that is shaped like a star with up to 8 branches. The branches are fixed to a plate. This element helps to ensure that there is no heat lost when cooking.


Security is an important factor to consider, especially if you are looking for a crepe maker that uses gas. Gas is very dangerous when used recklessly. For added safety, gas crepe makers feature security elements that allow safety during ignition and when cooking. An example of such an element is the Piezo lighting function. It should also come with a safety thermocouple that will help prevent leakage of gas and overheating, among other malfunctions.


There are several brands of crepe makers in the online and offline market. Other factors that you can consider when choosing the best one include the size of the plate, ease of maintenance, and the price of the product. The size that you choose depends on the purpose for which you are planning to use the product.

Then, after a lot of tests, it's litteraly this kind of crepe maker I recommand for you !

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